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Why Everyone Loves FanDuel’s Daily Fantasy Sports

There's nothing like the start of fall. It means crisp air, turning leaves, and most importantly, football. That's right, the NFL season is arguably the best thing about fall being upon us.

Superfans everywhere are cheering their teams on, both in-person (finally) and at home, but no matter where you're watching from, daily fantasy takes the exerience to the next level.

We've tried it all to get the best fantasy football experience, but no one has you covered like FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports. Especially with them now offering free contests all NFL season that have real cash prizes!

FanDuel is the must-have for all NFL fans, from the first-timers to the seasoned fantasy players. Their innovative app and functional features make them the HQ for all your needs this season.

Here's how FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports works for everyone:

The Rookie

Favorite Feature: Play Free All Season

Experience: I'm new to the world of fantasy leagues. Every season I've always sat out on the action and just focused on watching my team. My friends have insisted that getting into daily fantasy would only make the season better for me. When I started looking for places to set up a team, some sites were confusing, and I didn't want to take a chance with real money on the line.

A friend suggested FanDuel. Right away, I knew this was the place for me. Their app is easy to navigate and they have free contests all season long, where you can win real cash prizes. All I needed to create an account was my name, email, card, and SSN (to make sure players and coaches aren't playing). Then I can just choose a contest, draft my team, watch and win!

The Experienced

Favorite Feature: New lineup each week

Experience: FanDuel beats all the other apps I've tried, with hundreds of contests to enter into every day. I really like that I can draft a new lineup every week and don't have to worry about injuries at the start of the week. I hate when I've played in season-long leagues and being stuck with the same team for months.

I've used FanDuel for a ton of sports, but NFL is the biggest. With so many contests throughout the year, I'm never bored and some of the cash prizes are insane. They even have $1,000,000 first place contests!

The Expert

Favorite Feature: Take my team on the go

Experience: There's no fantasy app out there as good as FanDuel. I know how to play in leagues, I know what I want, and with Daily Fantasy Sports, I get it all. I play year-round on everything from NBA and UFC to MLS and PGA Tour. But when I'm busy and can't watch the specific game(s), FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports app makes it easy for me to go about my day and still keep track of players and scores in real-time. The best part is when I'm ready to cash out, I can get money out of my FanDuel account without any required minimum or waiting period.

If you're like me and want a fantasy experience that's packed with tons of useful tools, all the sports you love, and a no-fuss app, then FanDuel is for you.

Anyone can play with FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports. Set up your account and be ready to draft your team for kick-off!

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