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Online Gaming Has Replaced Vegas: This Start-up Will Help You Dominate the Playing Field


Gaming's gone legit.

Gone are the days of the Pete Roses and Cosa Nostra and back alley bookies with names like Johnny Two-Times and Shorty Mac (who was actually 7 ft tall). The digerati stepped in and America finally caught on that sports betting - whether fantasy, real money wagering or prop bets - is just. Plain. Fun.

Any number of online gaming sites exist, but it's time to shake things up. That's why our editors went looking for a tech-forward startup that capitalizes on tech developments in the field. We found the perfect partner in FantasySP.

Built by the brightest computer and data scientists in the world - they have more degrees than a thermometer! - FantasySP will turn over their prop and handicap data to consumers in a way that's truly revolutionary.


FantasySP utilizes Predictive Analytics that provide sports fans and gamblers with their own analytics platform. So, you can predict the outcome of a game, play, or possession in real time and take back some control from oddsmakers.

Nowadays you can watch a game unfold and see the win-probability transform in real-time. FantasySP's Edge+takes this a step further. Their platform lays out analytics and stats that help inform bettors before and while placing their bets.

Think righty-lefty splits are interesting? How about the potential outlook of a hitter when he's facing a 3-0 count against the Mets' Jacob deGrom with a man on first and two outs in the 7th? Pitch by pitch, play by play, the potential outcome of each hitter unfolds in real-time based on what's happening on the field.

Edge+ takes into account dozens of aspects during a game and uses this information synchronously to showcase the potential result of a pitch, a player at bat, and more. Basically anything a gambler could want!

Think of it like the traditional ESPN.com gamecast that focuses on what will happen next, with a level of detail previously unheard of. No one has done this before except for sportsbooks.

FantasySP's so excited about it, the 1st 2500 Subscribers get an Edge+ Package for only $89 for your 1st-year membership in return for your feedback.

Edge+ launches September 1st. Whatever your interest - fantasy sports, real-life teams, or proposition bets - Edge + is the online gaming platform for you. And you can bet on that.

So what are you waiting for? Get on it.

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