Hey, New York! It’s finally happening - FanDuel Sportsbook is coming to you.

Just in time for the best part of NFL season, where teams fight for the playoffs, the nation’s favorite sports betting app is now just one click away.

Whether you’re in Buffalo or out on Long Island, sports betting will be at your fingertips. We can all put our rivalries aside and agree that FanDuel is the safest place to put your money where your mouth is.

Here's how FanDuel Sportsbook works:

FanDuel is letting first-time users install the app before New York officially legalizes sports betting!

Raise the stakes while watching from home, reignite your game day passion, and shoot your shot at Super Bowl tickets. It doesn’t get any better or easier than this.

Get started now and sign up right from the couch - no in-person registrations or waiting in line (you don’t even have to put on pants!).

Registering is a simple process (users on their phones can do this after downloading the app for iOS and Android).

1. Create your account.

2. Register with an email, username, and password.

3. Provide your SSN - completely secure with FanDuel. They want to make sure no players or coaches are betting, keeping everything fair and square!

4. Input your payment method and boom, you're good to go!

Stick with FanDuel Sportsbook all year-round and bet on everything from basketball to golf. Gear up for baseball in the spring, whether you plan to be in the stands at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field, or at your local sports bar - you can bet on almost any sport with FanDuel.

New York Mets, Rangers, Knicks, and Brooklyn Nets fans can all get in on the action right from their phones. It’s a New Yorker’s dream come true. Enjoy a slice from your favorite pizza spot while seeing how your bets unfold from the comfort of your home. You can cash out easily, with no hassle and no minimum funds required.

FanDuel Sportsbook is the real MVP when it comes to getting involved. Get ready, get all your friends hyped, and look forward to some serious gloating about your sick wins.

Disclaimer: 21+ and physically present in NY. Bonus issued in non-withdrawable free bets or site credit that expires 7 days after FanDuel accepts its first real money sports wager in NY (“Go Live Date”). Unique user identity verification required. Offer ends on the Go Live Date. Terms apply. Gambling Problem? Call (877- 8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369).

With all these sportsbooks offering promotions this season, like risk-free bets, I recently decided to start betting on specific games and push my usual Sunday routine of doing daily fantasy to the side.

I was already knowledgeable enough to find bets I liked, or thought had a great chance of cashing in, but I still wanted someone I trusted to double-check my thought process before committing.

Someone at work dropped in our #sports Slack channel that they're using FantasySP this year and how it already helped them hit a 4-team parlay last week! We began chatting in more detail, where I found out FantasySP is only $100/yr and gives insight into both sportsbooks and everything you could want for your fantasy sports teams too like a trade-analyzer.

Since I've been using FantasySP for a few weeks now, here are the tools I'm using most often:

See odds across sportsbooks

FanDuel Screen Shot

FantasySP will let you know which sportsbook you should consider placing your bet with, so you get the largest payout possible. Last week, I was able to win $150 extra by just using a different sportsbook! Make sure you're not throwing money away by being able to compare odds.

See where the money is going

FanDuel Screenshot Percentages

Sometimes you want to bet with the majority and sometimes you don't but rarely are you able to so easily see where the money is going. Another cool tool on the site is the ability to track what the public is thinking on a particular game to help you decide where to put your money.

Real-time news

FanDuel Screenshot News

I'm usually doing a Twitter deep-dive to see if there's any injury or nugget of information I should know to make the best betting decision. But, with FantasySP, I no longer have to worry about that as it aggregates that information and lets you know right away. This tool has become a one-stop-shop for me to check in on all news relevant to bets I'm looking to place.

Overall FantasySP has everything I was looking for in feeling more confident about the bets I place each Sunday. It has already saved me from placing what would have been some real losers and helped me find opportunities to win that I wasn't even considering. If you're looking for a real tool for your NFL bets or your fantasy team or both, be sure to sign up for FantasySP's Edge membership.

We also found a promo code that's giving new users 50% off: use code "earlybird" at checkout

The nation's favorite sports betting app has made its way to LA! Just in time for NFL season, FanDuel is letting first-time bettors warm-up early with an exclusive Pre-Live offer. Register by creating your account today and get $100 in free credits when sports bettering officially goes live. Pretty sweet if you ask us.

Here's how it works:

Pre-Live lets first-time bettors register with FanDuel before Louisiana officially launches sports betting in the coming weeks! Once you download the app and register, you'll get $100 in free credits when they go live -- $75 for the Sportsbook app and $25 for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

Signing up is a breeze - no timely in-person registrations or waiting in line like you're at the DMV, like other states.

Registering is a simple 3 step process (Users on their phones can do this after downloading the app for iOS and Android).

1. Create your account.

2. Register with an email, username, and password.

3. Input your payment method and boom, you're good to go!

There's so much to explore, and even an in-depth guide to betting for first-timers. Even if you're a seasoned pro, the FanDuel Sportsbook app allows you to make bets instantly 24/7, and signing up couldn't be easier!

With a $100 site credit for a Pre-Live offer, FanDuel is the real MVP when it comes to getting involved in the NFL action. Download today and get hyped for some serious gloating about your early season wins.

Sign Up And Register Today!

The NFL is finally coming back to our screens and the good news doesn't stop there. Louisiana, the game is about to be changed forever!

Sports betting is coming someday soon, but for now, our go-to hub for all things daily fantasy, FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has made its way to Louisiana and Saints nation.

You probably know the deal, unlike a traditional league where you might get stuck with a injured players all season long, FanDuel DFS allows you to pick a new line up each week, so there's no need to worry about drafting your players for a whole season. It's pretty simple- each individual player has a salary value, and the total value of your team has to be less than your weekly salary cap. Every week is a new opportunity to draft a team and win BIG.

Signing up for a FanDuel account is easy, and can be done on their website, or if you download the app which is available for iOS and Android. Registering takes about 2 minutes - you just give details like your name, address, card information, and social security number (this is to keep your information safe).

Plus, the great news is that once you register for a FanDuel account, you'll be set up and ready to make some bets on FanDuel Sportsbook as soon as sports betting becomes legal!

FanDuel DFS also has an offer for new users, too. After sign up, you'll get a first-time deposit bonus! FanDuel will match 20% of what you deposit into your account up to $500. Also, the second sports betting goes live, you'll be able to get FanDuel Sportsbook's new user offer too, even if you've bet with any of their other services in the past.

FanDuel DFS has contests for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, golf, UFC and more. You can cash out winnings whenever you want, directly into your bank account no matter how big or small.

Sports fever has arrived, so get ready for football mania by getting your feet wet with some Fantasy action first. Pass the beer, roll on the action, and let the winning commence!