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I Bought A Fantasy Football Subscription - This Is My Story

There are more fantasy football companies than you can imagine these days. After analyzing the information and tools offered by dozens of popular websites, I decided to take the leap and try FantasySP. Just in the nick of time, too - because when stacked up against other teams, my draft was subpar.

If I wanted to stand a chance this year I had to hit the ground running with the waiver wire and strategize potential trades to improve some of the holes on my team. I was a bit skeptical about how exactly FantasySP would help me accomplish this better than I could on my own. But I suspected that expert tools and getting an extra set of opinions couldn't hurt.

Mastering the Waiver Wire After a Subpar Draft

Prior to the season starting, FantasySP's Waiver Wire tool advised me to pick up Jacksonville Jaguars undrafted free agent James Robinson after Leonard Fournette was waived and eventually signed with the Bucs. Since I was thin at the running back position, I took a chance. As any fantasy player knows, that move paid off significantly. Robinson finished the season within the top-10 running backs and I'd gotten him off the wire for no cost at all! I was so impressed by how valuable these tools can be when used correctly.

Due to the myriad of injuries over the first few weeks of the season, adding the right players from the waiver wire is critical to any fantasy manager's success. As soon as Christian McCaffrey went down in Week 1, FantasySP's Waiver Wire tool advised me to add Panthers' backup Mike Davis. Davis immediately became a focal point of my roster. After just a few weeks of the season, both of my starting running backs were Waiver Wire pickups, not your typical recipe for success, but it was working!

My team was 3-1 after the first quarter of the season. Not only did this wonderful site recommend these two stud running backs, but the Waiver Wire tool also suggested I take a chance on Chargers' rookie signal-caller Justin Herbert. Now, 3 of my 10 starters were undrafted, yet I was still dominating.

Utilizing the Start/Sit Tool to Win Weekly Matchups

But the question fantasy owners ask most during the week is "Who should I start?" FantasySPis the one-stop show that helps you manage your lineup from the draft all the way until you win that coveted trophy! FantasySP uses data from real fantasy leagues to help you make the most informed decision.

By Week 5, it was time to face off with the only undefeated team in the league. I was struggling with whether to start Mike Davis or Kareem Hunt. That's where the Start/Sit tool came in handy. When comparing the two players, the Start/Sit tool revealed that 66.7% of other fantasy players with both Davis and Hunt on their team were starting Davis. Nobody else in the industry is providing that kind of context.

Still, I needed more information before making my final decision. To determine the best play, the Start/Sit tool incorporates several factors including recent stats, expert rankings, matchups, injury history, projections, and much more. This tool ensures that you have access to all relevant data to help you make an accurate, knowledge-based, and data-driven decision. Turns out, the tool was accurate, as Davis went off for just south of 30 fantasy points! I dethroned the undefeated team and moved into first place myself!

Making Sweet Deals With the Trade Analyzer

Despite losing my first-round pick - Michael Thomas - to injury, I was in first place. However, with Thomas coming back from injury I sensed it could be the perfect time to strike a deal. So I used the Trade Analyzer to see if I could increase my odds of winning the championship.

FantasySP's Trade Analyzer will make sure you're offering trades that benefit your team but aren't so egregiously unfair to the other owners that they won't make a deal with you for the rest of the season.

With that in mind, I found a deal that matched up the trade values of the players and sent Michael Thomas and Kareem Hunt packing for Justin Jefferson and tight end T.J. Hockenson. (Evan Engram was just not pulling his weight at the tight end position). Don't be that guy who constantly offers unbalanced trades. Formulate deals that will actually be accepted and improve your roster at the same time!

This trade solidified my spot as the top team in the league.

A Playoff Run for the Ages - Using the Fantasy Assistant Tool

Getting to the playoffs wasn't difficult after FantasySPadvised me on the best in-season management through the Fantasy Assistant tool. Once I uploaded my league to the site, the Fantasy Assistant made all the recommended in-season moves based on real data. No longer did I have to spend the time combing through the waiver wire or spending hours researching the best trades. FantasySP did the work for me. I finished the regular season with a 10-3 record. But now, it was win or go home in the playoffs.

In Week 14, I had a difficult decision to make in whether to start Mike Davis or James Conner. Utilizing the Start/Sit tool once again, the data pointed towards Davis. I got this far because I trusted the site. The payoff was massive. Compared to Conner's 1.8, Davis compiled 26.3 fantasy points. Had I started Conner, my season would have been over. Instead, I was off to the semi-finals.

I crushed my opponent in Week 15 and earned a spot in the championship game. All week, I went back and forth between whether I should start Robby Anderson or James Conner at the flex spot. Conner had struggled all season but he was Pittsburgh's bell-cow running back. FantasySP's Start/Sit tool revealed that 70% of other managers with both Anderson and Conner on their roster were starting Conner. Again, I trusted the tool that had helped me all season.

Although Anderson had a strong outing with 16.9 fantasy points, Conner scored a touchdown and finished with 17.6 fantasy points. You might say that 0.7 points makes no difference. But when you win the championship by 0.3 points, it makes all the difference in the world. After a long and grueling season, I was champion of the world!

For an annual price of just $89 - only $10.99 per month - fantasy managers can access the Start/Sit tool, Trade Analyzer, and the rest of the awesome data that helped me conquer my league. FantasySP is one of the most affordable websites out there, one that doesn't just recommend plays based on opinion, but on real data and fact!

I can't wait to use FantasySP's outstanding, state-of-the-art tools to gain an edge ahead of my 2021 draft. I don't anticipate making a ton of in-season moves this year because FantasySP's Draft Assistant will help me dominate on draft day!

FantasySP has the whole package: mock draft simulators, ADP reports that update in real-time, Trade Analyzers, news updates, Start/Sit tools and so much more.

Championships are won and lost by how well you manage a team during the season. Remember, only one person can be crowned champion. Why shouldn't it be you? Let FantasySP guide you to season-long domination like it did for me.

Take your game to the next level. Don't just make the playoffs. Win a championship!

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