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More Cash, More Convenience - Our Time With FanDuel Casino

- FanDuel Casino is letting people bet right from the comfort of their homes

- They offer exclusive weekly promotions for members and even have a New Member Offer of a $1,000 Risk-Free Bet

- You can challenge other app users, play with live dealers, all while having the same variety and more exclusive perks as in-person casinos

- Read our full review below or visit casino.fanduel.com now

We've learned a lot about staying inside. While some of it was pretty bad, there are other aspects that we won't go back to - the alternatives we found at home are even better than the originals.

There's one alternative these editors are not giving up: online betting with FanDuel Casino. FanDuel Casino lets us bet right from the comfort of, well, wherever we want. We can play all our favorite games like Black Jack, Roulette, and Slots, all while getting exclusive benefits and risk-free bets. The entire process from signing up to cashing out is secure and seamless, making them a no-brainer for bettors everywhere.

Signing up for FanDuel Casino was beyond easy; if you've used any of FanDuel's platforms before, you know they're notorious for their easy, simple user interfaces. We provided our information and then dove right into their New User offer. The process only took two minutes.

fanduel website

As new users, we received a $1,000 risk-free bet the day we signed up. The credit lasts for 24 hours and no matter what you lose, or what kind of game you play, you'll get up to $1,000 back in site credits. It's that easy.

FanDuel Casino offers exclusive perks we can't imagine forfeiting. The offers don't just end after 24 hours, either. There are games of the week with added promotions that let you win more money, and we've grown to love our Monday betting traditions.

fanduel website

The other half of the fun is betting with other players, which FanDuel Casino also offers! You can choose to play against other users on the app right from your phone.

While live games like Roulette and playing with other users is engaging and interactive, there's also something to be said for leaning into the virtual, contactless part of online betting. Most of us are betting on our phones on the trains, or laying on the couch in sweatpants hitting the slots.

slot machine

The days of dressing up and driving to a cigarette-smoke filled casino are over. We can play when we want, what we want, and where we want now, and we're not giving that control up any time soon.

FanDuel Casino takes everything we love about casinos and brings it right into our homes. The $1,000 risk-free bet for new users is what pulled us in, but the variety, safety, exclusive benefits, and risk-free bets are what's making us stay.

New Users: Sign Up Today And Get $1000 Risk-Free

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