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Make The Most Of The Dog Days Of Summer With These 7 Sports (To Bet On)

The only thing better than playing an intense sport in the summer heat is watching someone else do it. It’s hot out - stand in front of the AC, turn on the TV, and raise the stakes with a little sports betting - the delicious cherry on top of your ice cream sundae.

There’s a lot more going on than you might realize, so we’ve got the top 7 sports that are gonna keep you cool during those dog days of summer.

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Here’s what’s heatin’ up this summer:


To earn a Grand Slam, you’ve gotta win the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open - the latter 3 all have 2-week tourneys during America’s hotter months.

Nothing’s more hypnotic than watching that neon ball slice back and forth across the court and nothing’s more thrilling than the moment an opponent goes from 0-6 to tie the set. It’s fast-paced, and singles matches can sometimes feel more like a psychological showdown than a game.


Skip a long day of baking in the hot sun and watch the pros do it with effortless style. FanDuel brings you the most up-to-date golf trends and odds through the entire PGA tournament. So you’ll always know how risky your bet might be.

College Football

If it starts before Labor Day, it’s a summer sport. Whether you decide to root for your alma mater, your friend’s alma mater, or whoever’s got the coolest mascot out there, your team’s your team, and there’s a whole season to watch them shine.


Same 1-on-1 intensity as tennis, but with a way bigger adrenaline rush. If you’re staying up late to watch the fight, might as well place a friendly bet. With FanDuel Sportsbooks you can place your bet right up until the match. So if conversation with the buddies has you flip-flopping on a favorite, you’ve got time before you drop everything on the underdog.


Ever been to a football pub during a World Cup game? Add it to your bucket list and thank us later. There’s just as much heart, sweat, and spirit in that pub as there is on the field. A big win for your team and you’re the one buying everyone in the place ice cold celebration pints.


When viewership was down in 2020, the WNBA was one of the only sports to gain an increase in viewers. Part of that is thanks to the diehard WNBA community! You can join that wave by following the odds on FanDuel.


America’s Pastime and one of the best sports to watch if you want to learn how to bet. There are games nearly every day plus incredible offers from FanDuel - $5 Dinger Tuesdays, Same Game Parlays, and the option to rope in a friend to give $50, get $50.

No need to wait until the fall, there are so many summer sports to follow and bet on with FanDuel Sportsbook.

Start with your No-Sweat First Bet, and cash out whenever you please, no minimum required. Make FanDuel Sportsbookyour game of the summer.

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