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Baseball Is Off To A Wild Start And The Fun Is Just Beginning...

(Read For FanDuel's Special Offer!)

We've got good news and better news.

MLB's season is just past the midway point and FanDuel Sportsbook is still giving out an incredible offer.

We've all been thinking about getting back to the ballpark this summer, if we haven't done so already, and FanDuel is offering up a $1,000 Risk Free bet for new app users. Take advantage your next time at a game to spice things up or improve your at-home viewing experience.

They're also offering up a Risk-Free Same Game Parlay, if you rather use that promotion. You can place a pre-game 3+ leg same game parlay on any eligible MLB game; if you lose, you'll get a refund in site credit. Anytime from March 25th to October 3rd, you've got a chance to try it out.

To prepare for either offer, you'll just need to download FanDuel Sportsbook and set up your account.

FanDuel Sportsbook is fantastic at breaking down tricky concepts, so here's the parlay term explained:

"You can combine multiple bets from one matchup or team into a single parlay to go for an even bigger win."

That means that if you know in your heart of hearts that your team is going to win their next game, you can "bet on them to win, the total runs to go over, and their star player to hit a home run — all in one parlay." If every leg hits, you'll win more than the sum of your bets. If you miss one leg, you'll lose the parlay.

If you're still a little rusty, they've got full tutorials too!

You can download FanDuel Sportsbook on your computer or directly from the app in the store. All you have to do is enter your information and link up your card. The great thing about FanDuel Sportsbook is you can securely cash out at any time, with no minimum amount of set number of withdrawals.

The app layout is super easy to navigate, even if you're a total beginner. They also have football, hockey, basketball, golf, MMA, darts, and any other sport you'd be interested in placing a wager.

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