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Booms, Busts, Battlestar Galactica is getting an NBA facelift prettier than the episode-to-episode changes on WandaVision.

For this version, we want to focus on booms that are widely available on the waiver wire so we can give you a leg up on the competition and busts you may want to consider getting rid of. All is fair in love and fantasy.

Let's get started with a look back at the last week of the NBA fantasy season.


Daniel Theis, Center, Boston Celtics

Since Kemba Walker's return against the Knicks on January 17, Theis is averaging 13.5 points on an incredible 79.2 percent shooting from the field with 6.3 rebounds and one made three-pointer a game.

When paired with Walker, Theis nets +14.8 points per 100 possessions on the strength of the pick and roll they run together. Only 46 percent of teams on Yahoo have the big German on their roster, but with his PnR partner back, that number should increase in the coming weeks.

Kendrick Nunn, Guard, Miami Heat

With Tyler Herro nursing a neck injury, and Avery Bradley and Jimmy Butler in the health and safety COVID protocol, someone needed to step up like Neville Longbottom against Voldemort. Kendrick Nunn has been that dude.

Since January 18, Nunn has averaged 35 minutes a game while putting together a .561/.444/.833 slash line and compiling 21.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 1.8 steals per game. Only 49 percent of managers on Yahoo have ridden this amazing wave, but with Butler and Avery on their way back, the chance to capitalize on his hot stretch may be over.

Naz Reid, Center, Minnesota Timberwolves

With COVID once again gripping Karl-Anthony Towns, Reid has been holding down the center position in Minneapolis. Reid has averaged 14 points per game with a .588/.500/1.000 slash line the last four games to go along with 2.3 blocks and 1.5 made threes.

You would like to see something higher than the 4.3 rebounds he grabbed during that stretch and with Towns' 10-to-14-day quarantine on the verge of ending, he may see a dip in numbers, but as long as KAT is out, he will continue to produce.

David Nwaba, Guard/Forward, Houston Rockets

Nwaba's game is about as sexy as The Thing from the Fantastic Four, but the little things he does are finally showing up in the stat sheet, giving him some fantasy value. His 11.8 points a game the last week isn't anything to write home about, but his 2.0 steals a game, 4.3 rebounds and 58.6 percent shooting from the field at the guard position gives him plenty of value.

With such a short bench in Houston, he will get plenty of minutes to improve on those numbers as the season continues.


Terry Rozier, Guard, Charlotte Hornets

Rozier started the week off with a 24-point, nine-rebound performance, but then cratered the next two contests. By week's end, he finished shooting 36.6 percent from the field and 13.7 points per game. Not exactly the Scary Terry numbers people were hoping for.

However, one thing Rozier won't do is stop shooting, and while he will have those terrible shooting nights, he will follow that up with a couple of strong shooting games. Welcome to the roller coaster of Rozier management.

Steven Adams, Center, New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans' center is one of the leaders in field goal percentage, which has been something fantasy managers could lean on, but not this week. Adams struggled with consistency, shooting 46.2 percent from the field while turning over the ball 2.5 times per game and only getting one block in four games.

Thankfully, his rebounding numbers floated him, but one category isn't going to cut it for a player who is owned in 88 percent of Yahoo leagues.

Blake Griffin, Power Forward/Center, Detroit Pistons

Griffin isn't the same player he was five years ago, but he is definitely better than the 34.6 percent shooting, 9.7-point averaging player he has been the last week. The fall has been very quick for the former Rookie of the Year the last two seasons, but on a bad Pistons team, he will at least have plenty of minutes to succeed.

Whether he does or not is left to be seen.

LaMelo Ball, Guard, Charlotte Hornets

Ball's hot start got him a lot of fans at the beginning of the season, but the middle of January has not been kind to the rookie. He only averaged 9.7 points on 37.9 percent shooting and 3.3 turnovers a game. The third Ball brother is not the first rookie to hit a wall in his first year and he won't be the last, but only the most patient of managers will tolerate a stretch like this for long.

The Dodgers landed the biggest free agent in Trevor Bauer this offseason

Jon Soohoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Earlier this week we released the first half of our 2021 power rankings for the upcoming MLB season.

Now that we know who ranks 30-16, we can take a look at the rest of the 15 teams, most of whom will be vying for playoff positions and dreaming about a World Series championship. It's been a wild offseason so far as we've seen a handful of superstar players finding new homes, and top contenders have gotten even better as teams attempt to separate themselves from the rest of the competition.

The Padres, Mets, and Cardinals all made attempts to improve their rosters to catch up with the Dodgers, but the defending champs made a splashy move themselves by signing one of the biggest fish in the free agent pond this winter by acquiring starting pitcher Trevor Bauer who they lured away from the Cincinnati Reds.

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15. Los Angeles Angels

2020: Finished 4th in AL West (26-34)

This is a perfect spot for the Angels dead center in the middle of the rankings. The Angels have had Mike Trout for his entire illustrious career, and the entire duration of it has been an utter and complete waste. Trout is undoubtedly one of the most individually talented players the league has seen in 100 years, but whether it's his mentality, leadership skills, or an incapable organization around him, it hasn't resulted in any tangible success.

The team added some arms to help with their effort to leap over the A's and/or Astros in the standings this year, but offensively they only get Shohei Ohtani back, maybe? The fact that Trout has been able to go through most of his career without being criticized for his inability to help his team to the postseason baffles me. Don't forget that Trout had the opportunity to leave the Angels and test free agency to find himself in a better situation to win, but he chose to stay in California collecting a half billion dollar check while toiling in Middlesville USA with the Angels.

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