Matt Ryan led the Falcons to their second win of the season by hitting his favorite target Julio Jones over and over again.

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We got our first push of the year! Such a tantalizing tease of what could've been. Sounds a little like Baker Mayfield's whole career up to this point.

Week 7 Vibe Check (2-2-1) - Let's look at the losses, but not too long, please. The Seahawks went full Fredo this week and BROKE MY HEART. You can read more on that here. Meanwhile, the Niners tried their hardest to hit that over by themselves, but got no help from Cam Newton and a busted-looking New England offense. Pocket that info for a moment.

As for our wins, the Packers took care of business against hapless Houston, even without Aaron Jones. Here's to hoping you all managed to vulture Jamal Williams off the waiver wire 15 minutes before game time, like I did.

Now, for my proudest moment of this column, D'Andre Swift scored a TD, the first TD, as a matter of fact. If you threw a meager 10 bucks down, you'd be sitting on a C-note and change. Oh, what a feeling!

Ride that thrill of victory into this Week 8 slate…

Colts -2.5 over Lions

The Colts offensive line slaps. It absolutely could step onto any field anywhere and dominate. I'm talking about Quenton Nelson vs. a monster truck at a demolition derby and I'm taking Nelson. Rivers and Jonathan Taylor have both thrived behind them. On the other hand, the Lions have never protected Stafford, who currently might have the most complete set of weapons at his disposal. However, it all hasn't meshed into a functioning high powered offense, which is a shame. Not to mention, I can't really figure out what Matt Patricia's doing since this defense cannot stop anybody.

Bills -4 over Patriots

At some point, the Patriots are going to snap out of this slide and Belichick will look like the genius mastermind that he so clearly is, but I wouldn't bet on it this week. The Bills have been second banana to New England for years now and they are ready to assert their dominance on the AFC East. The Bills D must be chomping at the bit to take on a disjointed Cam Newton-led offense.

Josh Allen must be salivating at the thought of dropping dimes all over the lost Pats D, who might be ready to move on from Stephon Gilmore (if you read the right tea leaves) and throw in the towel. Buffalo is ready to take care of business and officially end a reign of terror.

Chargers -3 over Broncos

Justin Herbert notched his first win as a pro against the Jaguars in his most statistically impressive start to date. At every turn, even when the outcome didn't go his way, Herbert has proved able to handle running an NFL offense. Meanwhile, the Broncos have looked further and further from having an NFL-ready QB in Drew Lock, as the season progresses. Their D, the saving grace of the team, has gotten banged up and seems less likely to hold down a surging rookie campaign.

Rams -3.5 over Dolphins

The Dolphins had won two out of their last three, and even managed to cover four out of the last five before heading into a bye week. What did they announce? The Tua Era starts now.

Brian Flores has done an incredible job making a team built to tank into a fundamentally sound spoiler, but I have to question the wisdom of throwing your rookie QB in front of the most fearsome man in football, Aaron Donald, for his first career start. The Rams got right on Monday against the Bears, and even with the cross country trip, I expect them to take care of business on offense and the D to terrorize the youngster.

Patrick Mahomes over 2.5 TDs

The Kansas City Chiefs will be playing the New York Jets this weekend, which is a little bit like the Los Angeles Dodgers playing a a particularly disorganized little league team. I found this bet at the pretty decent odds of +140, considering this feels like something Mahomes could have wrapped up by the end of the first quarter. I'd easily smash the over for Mahomes yards, too. It feels like free money.

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Unless you're the Pittsburgh Steelers, chances are your team is still uncertain about making the playoffs.

The Packers lost, yet the Saints won. The Seahawks won, but so did the Rams. The NFC is in a frenzy, while the Steelers sit atop the AFC waiting for everyone else to catch up. With only five weeks left, the playoff picture is a little fuzzy, but it clarifies with each game.

Likewise, fantasy playoffs are just on the horizon, and unless you're undefeated, there's a strong chance you're still clamoring for a spot.

If you need to make some moves for a playoff berth, here are some suggestions in this week's drops, swaps and shops.

Note: For ESPN Leagues, all public leagues must submit trades before the trade deadline on Wednesday, November 25th at 12 ET. Rules vary within leagues, but this could be your last week for swaps.

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Top draft picks Joe Burrow and Chase Young during Sunday's game that saw Burrow go down with a season ending injury

Geoff Burke - USA TODAY Sports

As Ferris Bueller might say: The world of sports moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around at least once a week, you could miss it.

Here we'll review what you might have missed in the past week all in one place. Why spend hours scrolling through Twitter to catch up on the news you want? We've already done that for you, so remember to check back every Monday to get your dose of weekly sports review.

Taysom Hill, Andy Dalton, and P.J. Walker all lead their teams to Week 11 victories filling in for injured starting QBs. Cleveland moved ahead of the Ravens in the AFC North with their win over the Eagles while Baltimore fell to the Titans. The Steelers continued to roll and now sit at 10-0 atop the NFL. The Colts outlasted the Packers in an overtime thriller as Indianapolis is now positioning themselves as a team nobody wants to see come playoff time as they boast the best defense in the NFL.

Joe Burrow was injured in the Bengals' game against Washington and he miss the remainder of the season with a knee injury. This should make Justin Herbert the odds on favorite to win Rookie of the Year if you're interested in a futures bet.

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Russell Wilson scrambles in a win against the Arizona Cardinals.

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At this point, I may never bet on the NFC West again.

Week 10 Vibe Check (2-2)

At this point, I may never bet on the NFC West again. After losing to the Rams last week, Seattle turned around and beat the Cardinals on Thursday night. Every matchup in that division is a heavyweight bout and it's hard to justify betting on one when they can all throw a haymaker at any time. Meanwhile, the Bengals weren't ready for a D like the Steelers and the QB of the future looked stuck in the present reality for the time being.

As for our wins, in a shocking turn of events, betting against the Chargers WORKED! Or, perhaps, I should say betting on the Dolphins worked. Brian Flores looks more and more like he was the true key to the Patriots defensive success in recent years. He took on two NFC teams back to back and cruised against the poor, befuddled Chargers. Tua coming into his own has certainly helped, as well.

Brandon Aiyuk tallied a whopping seven catches down in New Orleans, even as the 49ers completely sputtered and blew a chance to upset a Drew Brees-less Saints. This continues a month long streak of calling player props, which is almost certain to end this week after pointing out its existence. *Fingers crossed* *No jinx* *Reverse jinx*

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