NFL FanDuel DFS Preview: Week 1

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Each Thursday, FindBet will preview the DFS slate, highlighting players that are priced well on FanDuel as well as some contrarian plays that can push your team to the top of the leader board.

Most NFL Fanduel games have you putting a team together with players from a certain slate of games. It could be just Sunday 1:00 pm games or it could be every game that is slated for the week. Once the last game that has eligible players is over, the final payouts are made according to how many fantasy points each team scored. Each player is worth a certain dollar amount, and you have a cap of $60,000 to build your team with. You have to have 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB, WR, or TE) and 1 DEF.

The general scoring rules include (6) points for each rushing and receiving touchdown, (4) points for each passing touchdown, (0.1) points for each rushing and receiving yard gained, (0.04) points for each passing yard, and also (0.5) points for each reception. There are other scoring opportunities for defenses. You can see the entire breakdown on FanDuel. Let's dive into players we like and players we advise to avoid in Week 1.

Jonathan Taylor is a great underdog option this week.AP Sports

Players to Target

Patrick Mahomes QB - $9300

I don't mind spending up on Mahomes this week as the TNF showdown with Houston should be a high scoring affair. When paying up for Mahomes you are going to have to go cheap somewhere else in your lineup though to make up for his high price.

Ben Roethlisberger QB - $7800

Roethlisberger has a great match up this week with the Giants on Monday night. I think you can almost get the same production out of Big Ben that you can get from Mahomes this week. The Giants defense is slated to be one of the worst in the league this year and the Steelers won't want to run Connor into the ground in Week 1.

Josh Allen QB - $7900

Allen gets a Jets defense minus CJ Mosley and Jamal Adams, arguably their two best play makers. Allen has top 5 potential this week, especially if he can add a TD on the ground.

Philip Rivers QB - $7200

Most people view Rivers as a game manager more than the gunslinger he was in LA. He has an elite offensive line and is going against a Jacksonville defense that is a shell of its former self.

Austin Ekeler RB - $7700

I think the Chargers are going to move more towards the running game becoming the central part of their offense. I like the Ekeler's match up against the Bengals this week.

Clyde Edwards Heliare RB - $7200

Heliare is priced nicely this week. I expect his price to go up even more as the season goes on, so a potential shootout with Houston is a good time to take advantage of this price tag.

Jonathan Taylor RB - $5300

Taylor may not get the start this week against Jacksonville, but game script will allow him to get plenty of work in the 3rd and 4th quarters in a game that Indianapolis should be up big by halftime.

Jonathan Williams RB - $4800

A real boom or bust pick this week, Williams looks he is going to get the nod over Devine Ozighbo to lead Jacksonville's backfield, at least for Week 1. He's going to need to find the end zone once or twice to make this pick worth it, but if you have spent up at other positions, he's a good lower priced option with high upside.

JuJu Smith-Schuster WR - $7100

As I talked about with Heliare, Smith-Schuster's price is only going to go up as the season goes on. He's got a great match up against the Giants this week.

Stefon Diggs WR - $6600

Diggs is going up against a weak Jets defense, and I have a feeling the Bills are going to want to show off their new WR and will get him involved early and often in this weeks game script.

TY Hilton WR - $6500

Hilton is priced decently this week, and gets a bottom 5 defense in Jacksonville. He's a great mid tier option when building your lineup this week.

Emmanuel Sanders WR - $5400

Sanders could be in for a nice day in what looks like it will be an offensive shootout with the Bucs. At $5400, Sanders looks like a steal this week. I have him in lots of my lineups.

George Kittle TE - $8000

Another player where I feel like it is going to be OK to pay up this week is Kittle. He is almost match up proof and will be one of the main targets for Garoppollo this week with all the questions the 49ers have at wide receiver.

Jared Cook TE - $5900

Cook gets the nod because of the high scoring potential the Saints-Bucs match up has this week. Drew Brees will be spreading the ball around this week.

Blake Jarwin TE - $5300

Jarwin looks like a decent play this week if you are trying to save money to spend in other spots of your lineup. The Rams-Cowboys game could have the potential to be a shootout.

Eric Ebron TE - $5000

Ebron is decent play for the same reason as Jarwin, Bad defense, with good QB play. He is a fine play if you want to save money at the TE position this week.

Buffalo Bills DEF - $4700

The Bills get a Jets offense that has looked awful this summer. They should eat this week.

Tennessee Titans DEF - $4000

The Titans landed Jadeveon Clowney earlier this week and added a top tier pass rusher to an already formidable unit. They get Denver this week, and could force Drew Lock into some bad decisions. You can do worse with other defenses this week.

Detroit Lions DEF - $3700

The Lions are a dark horse this week to score some points against a turnover prone Bears offense. Trubisky is starting for the Bears and he is always good for a turnover or two.

Indianapolis Colts DEF - $3700

The Colts are a great play this week against the Jaguars, especially at this price. I am targeting them on a lot of my teams and putting that money in other places on my team.

Matt Ryan is a fade this week going against an improved Seattle

Players to Avoid:

Drew Brees QB - $8100

Drew Brees is going to be a nice play in regular leagues this week, but his price is too high for my liking. For that reason I am fading him this week.

Matt Ryan QB - $7800

Ryan has a high price and is facing a much improved Seattle Defense. I'll pass this week.

Kyler Murray QB - $7700

Like Ryan, Murray is high priced and facing an elite defense in the 49ers. You can do worse at QB, but he is a risky play this week.

Carson Wentz QB - $7700

Wentz is down two starting offensive lineman and facing a formidable Washington defensive line, he isn't going to have much time with that pass rush.

Christian McCaffrey RB - $10000

McCaffrey is elite, but also is the most expensive player in FanDuel this week. The Raiders aren't a very good defense, but he is not going to produce enough points to justify that price point.

Dalvin Cook RB - $8700

Cook held out all training camp and is slated to play Week 1. He'll most likely be on a snap count and may take a game or two to get into shape. Not a risk I am willing to take at that price.

Todd Gurley RB - $7100

Too many unknowns with Gurley's usage going into the season. Pair that with a tough Seattle D and I am fading him this week.

Kenyan Drake RB - $6600

Drake was electric last year, but the 49ers defense is suffocating and game script my force the Cardinals into passing more as the game progresses.

Davante Adams WR - $8000

I just don't see Adams producing and elite stat line this week against Minnesota. He's a fade for me but will be worth that price in spots down the road.

Keenan Allen WR - $7000

Allen will not see the pass volume to justify this price. Tyrod Taylor has been a check down QB his entire career, and unless Allen breaks a quick pass for a long score, he won't be very playable this year.

Terry McLaurin WR - $6500

McLaurin is most likely going to see a healthy dose of Darius Slay this week. That's enough for me to stay away.

Jamison Crowder WR - $6000

Crowder is about the only WR you may be able to get production from this year on the Jets. He has a tough match up with the Bills this week.

Evan Engram TE - $6300

Engram is going to have a good year, he'll finish as a top 5 TE scoring wise, but a match up with an elite Steelers defense is not a smart play this week.

Hunter Henry TE - $6000

Henry may see a garbage score this week on a goal line gadget play, but we need to see Tyrod in this offense a little bit before we justify spending up on Henry.

Austin Hooper TE - $5700

Hooper going up against an elite Raven defense is hard pass for me. He'll have startable weeks, but not in Week 1.

Hayden Hurst TE - $5300

I think Hurst has a great chance to be a top 10 TE this year. But a Seattle Defense that added Jamal Adams is enough for me to fade him this week.

Kansas City Chiefs DEF - $4200

TNF is going to be a shootout, not a good week for the Chiefs Defense.

New Orleans Saints DEF - $4100

Another shootout possibility with the Bucs this week has me fading the New Orleans Defense.

New England Patriots DEF - $4600

The Patriots get the Dolphins, but at $4600, there is too much assuming going on right now for me to be comfortable starting them. They lost 3 starters due to COVID opt outs, so I need to see a week or two before I start them in DFS

New York Jets DEF - $3900

The Jets are down Jamal Adams and CJ Mosley, going against a much improved Bills offense. No thanks.

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2022 World Cup Best Bets, Team Props, and Futures
2022 World Cup Best Bets, Team Props, and Futures

Picking up where they left off in 2018, the French National Team led by 23-year-old Kylian Mbappe have found their way back into the finals as they look to be the first back-to-back World Cup Champions since Brazil’s dominant runs in 1958 and 1962. Standing between that incredible feat for the defending champions is Argentina, who currently have their superstar, Lionel Messi, in top form. Messi is finding ways to create passes no one can see and he’s done it multiple times, assisting three goals (tied for the most) throughout the tournament. The legend is also scoring goals of his own and is tied with Kylian Mbappe (5 goals) for Golden Boot honors in this year’s World Cup. Regardless, soccer fans around the world are in for a treat on Sunday at 10:00 AM EST as two of the best players in the world face each other for their country’s World Cup glory.

After winning Group D, France defeated Poland in the Round of 16, England in the quarterfinals, and a strong Morocco team in the semis to advance to the Final. On the other side of the bracket, Argentina won Group C and dispatched Australia in the Round of 16. Messi and the Argentinians were then tested in the quarterfinals, needing a penalty shootout to defeat the Netherlands after blowing a late two-goal lead. Finally, Argentina played perhaps their best match of the tournament against Croatia in the semi-finals, winning 3-0. Now the stage is set for a blockbuster finale between two powerhouses featuring some of the top players in the world.

Note (from FanDuel Sportsbook): No team will play at home during Qatar's World Cup. For betting purposes, FanDuel explains that: “Home Team refers to the team listed first, Away Team refers to the second team listed.”

Argentina (-104) vs. France (-112)

Argentina Keys To Victory

Lionel Messi has played incredibly for Argentina throughout this World Cup. He is leaving opposing defenders in the dust, taking on multiple players at once, dragging them away from his teammates, which is opening up the field for his fellow goal scorers. Every time Messi has the ball at his feet, there seems to be more than one threat. Messi is playing just as well as he always has in 2022. He’s served his team as a playmaker and as a goal-scorer in Qatar. He’s also had some help from Manchester City forward Julian Alvarez who’s scored a handful of goals in this World Cup (including two in Argentina’s decisive victory over Croatia). If Alvarez and Messi are able to link up while on the attack, the depleted French defense and midfield could be in for some trouble.

France Keys To Victory

One of the biggest headlines heading into this World Cup Final is the return of French striker Karim Benzema. The Real Madrid star and winner of this year’s Ballon D’Or hurt his hamstring in one of France’s first practices soon after arriving in Qatar. He flew back to Madrid where he immediately completed his recovery work which was set at three weeks from the time of injury. Right now, Benzema is flying back to Doha and could be starting for France in the final. At the moment, France’s HC Didier Deschamps has declined to comment on whether or not he will be including KB9 in the starting lineup. France’s ball movement has been excellent throughout the tournament, but their key to victory against Argentina will be efficient defense. Over the last few games, France’s defense seems to have slowed down. Not only will they need to stop Messi, but they will need to turn defensive stops into counterattacks. Mbappe and Olivier Giroud (four goals thus far in the tournament) will need to be electric on offense and test the Argentinian keeper. Antoine Griezmann may be an x-factor for France as he has three assists in this World Cup and was inches away from scoring against Morocco.


It’s only fitting that Lionel Messi will finally hoist the World Cup trophy in his last World Cup match. Expect him to score a goal and lead his team to victory in a tightly contested battle.

The Pick: Argentina (-104)

World Cup Final Best Prop Bets

Kylian Mbappe: To Score Or Give Assist (+100)

Mbappé has been relatively quiet over France’s last few games. Still, he is the main wing on France’s team who is capable of breaking down defenses through his skillful technique and ridiculous speed. He currently is tied with Messi for the most goals in the 2022 World Cup. If he isn’t able to score in this game, then expect him to at least make an assist. For France to win this one, the 23-year-old will need to have a big game.

Lionel Messi: Anytime Goalscorer (+190)

Messi has stepped up his performance big time this World Cup. If you have watched Argentina play in this tournament, you know how crucial of a role Messi has played in the team’s success. He is tied for the most goals in the tournament with Mbappe and has a great chance of putting the ball in the net at some point during Sunday’s big match. This is a particularly great prop to target since Messi takes all of Argentina’s penalty shots and has converted four-of-five throughout the tournament.

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