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After an uncertain year in sports, things are finally getting back to normal. While you might miss going to live games (us too), one great way to make watching from home all the more exciting is to dive into the world of fantasy sports.

We've been doing our research and found the top two fantasy platforms: FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and DraftKings. If you're new to the world of fantasy sports, then look no further.

Here's how they compare.

Key Similarities

  • Both allow you to play on their app or website
  • Both offer a huge variety of fantasy sports
  • Both have an offer for new users: 20% of your first deposit matched up to $500
  • Both allow you to pick an entirely new lineup every week
  • Both registration processes are easy and can be done in a matter of minutes
  • Both offer different types of games including tournaments, head to heads, and multipliers
  • Both sites allow you to easily edit your line-up and make changes to your team
  • Both sites allow you to enter the same line-up into multiple leagues easily

Key Differences

  • FanDuel's website is packed with tips for beginners
  • DraftKings offers scoring bonuses when players in your lineup achieve certain milestones
  • With FanDuel, you can cash out any amount, no matter how big or small at any time. With DraftKings, the cash out has to be higher than $20.
  • FanDuel's salary cap is higher than DraftKings, which gives you more flexibility with picking your weekly lineup

FanDuel DFS Overview

FanDuel DFS nailed the fantasy game with their informative website and easy-to-use app. They have fantasy leagues for every sport you can think of - football, soccer, NBA, MLB, golf, and more. FanDuel DFS has something for everyone by offering season-long leagues with new weekly lineups, as well as mini-contests featuring smaller lineups.

What we love about FanDuel DFS is that unlike regular fantasy sports, you can have an entirely new lineup every week. Each individual player has a salary value, and the total value of your team has to be less than your weekly cap. FanDuel gives you a competitive edge by allowing you to check out your opponents before playing with them. If you click on any participant's username, you can get a glimpse of their profile page which shows you exactly when they signed up and their number of wins.

Signing up for a FanDuel account couldn't be easier, and can be done online or on the FanDuel app. They'll ask you for your SSN, but this is just to make sure coaches and players aren't making any bets.

The app runs smoothly, and as we said, if you're new to fantasy betting, FanDuel makes getting up to speed a total breeze. Plus, for new users, they'll match 20% off your first deposit up to $500!

DraftKings Overview

DraftKings also has a convenient app and offers a huge variety of fantasy sports. Signing up takes only minutes, and like FanDuel, they offer every type of fantasy sport you could want.

Although their promo for new users and general offering is the same as FanDuel, that's where the similarities end. DraftKings also doesn't have as many tutorials and tips as Fanduel, which can alienate new users. Anyone who is new to the world of Fantasy sports is going to have a very hard time figuring out of the terminology.

On top of that, many users of DraftKings report that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, and something as simple as updating a payment method can take days. Not what you need on a big game day!

Final Notes

Fantasy sports can make watching the game so much more exciting, and we couldn't be more pumped for all of the sporting action that lies ahead in the coming months. If you have been thinking about getting into the world of fantasy sports, there couldn't be a better time. Picking the right platform for you can mean the difference between winning or losing, and our pick is FanDuel DFS.

The app is so straightforward, you can cash out your winnings at any time (no matter how big or small), and most importantly, their website is filled with a ton of tutorials that will get you up to speed in no time.

Super Bowl LV is almost here and we know you have predictions. An instinct, a hunch on the quarterback that's got what it takes… and if you want to make the game even more exciting, you need to download FanDuel Fantasy.

It's a daily fantasy app, so you don't need to have picked a team back in August. You can start whenever and they have an awesome limited time offer for new users.

Here are 5 reasons the Super Bowl is the absolute perfect time to get into FanDuel.

1. It's not too late - really!

You can lock in your team up until kickoff, so you've got time.

2. FanDuel will get you up to speed fast

Their interface is super user-friendly, so first-time players and seasoned vets will easily be able to navigate the complex world of fantasy sports. If you have any questions, they've got a full guide with a glossary, for all those terms.

3. You can win big.

Play FanDuel's "Big Game" contest for a chance to win up to $3.55M in prizes. That is big news.

4. It's fun with friends

Haven't seen your friends from last year's Super Bowl party? Hit them up for this. It raises the stakes, especially if getting dunked in the group chat is on the line.

5. It's not just the Super Bowl

Not only do they have NFL, but you'll find college football, NBA, WNBA, NHL, and much, much more. There are tons of different daily games to take advantage of every day, so you can really get into different sports.

It's gonna be a memorable Super Bowl, no matter who wins….but if your team wins, we bet you're gonna remember it a little more.

Signing up with FanDuel is easy; all you have to do is enter a name, card, and your ssn, so coaches and players can't bet. Sign up today for that 55/1 offer!

2020 was a rough year to be a sports fan. I've been a die-hard hockey and basketball fan my whole life, so not having as much live action to watch in the first half of the year was rough. Luckily, live sports eventually got back on our screens in the latter half of the year. The return of NHL and NBA season is usually like Christmas eve on steroids for me, and even though I'm really pumped to have thee both back on our screens, I'm really going to miss going to live games.

There's nothing like being there to witness the action in person. My buddies and I usually go to a ton of games every season, and always have a blast screaming our heads off at the game.

As I said, I'm still really happy to just have my favorite sports back, but this season is definitely clouded with a little disappointment for me. A lot of my friends always get involved in Fantasy Sports leagues, but I'm always way too engrossed in the live-action to pay attention.

We were chatting about how we can still keep up the betting action remotely when my buddy Jake told us he'd recently started using FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). I've seen FanDuel ads on TV but never thought about checking them out because we were having so much fun going to in-person games. But Jake told us they have an insane offer for first-time users that we couldn't miss out on.

I wasn't sure that joining a fantasy league could fill the void of going to the games in person, but I decided to check it out anyway.

I've tried a couple of traditional leagues in the past, and always found them overcomplicated and most times, I ended up getting stuck with an awful lineup. But FanDuel DFS works differently than other leagues by allowing you to pick an entirely new line up every week!

It's pretty simple; each individual player has a salary value, and the total value of your team has to be less than your weekly cap. I loved the idea of being able to draft a new dream team every week.

Signing up for a FanDuel account is actually really easy and can be done online or through their app, which is free to download and available for iOS and Android.

Then, all you have to do is provide some basic info, like your name and address, and you're good to go.

I was really excited to get the ball rolling, thanks to FanDuel DFS's great offer for new users! They'll match 20% of your first deposit up to $500! Cashing out your winnings is easy and can be done at any time- all you have to do is link your bank account or debit card.

FanDuel DFS has fantasy leagues for NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and lots of other sports, too. Basketball and Hockey is what I know, so I'm getting my feet wet betting on that first.

The NBA and NHL seasons are underway, and I gotta admit- FanDuel DFS definitely makes watching from home more exciting. Our group chat has been on fire, and I've actually won a little cash. I'm still missing the live-action, but FanDuel DFS has put the excitement back into live sports for me.

Each Thursday, FindBet will preview the week's DFS slate, highlighting players that are priced well on FanDuel, as well as some contrarian plays that can push your team to the top of the leader board.

Most NFL FanDuel games have you putting a team together with players from a certain slate of games. It could be just Sunday 1:00 PM games or it could be every game that is slated for the week. Once the last game that has eligible players is over, the final payouts are made according to how many fantasy points each team scored. Each player is worth a certain dollar amount, and you have a cap of $60,000 to build your team with. You have to have 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB, WR, or TE) and 1 DEF.

The general scoring rules include (6) points for each rushing and receiving touchdown, (4) points for each passing touchdown, (0.1) points for each rushing and receiving yard gained, (0.04) points for each passing yard, and also (0.5) points for each reception. There are other scoring opportunities for defenses. You can see the entire breakdown on FanDuel. Let's dive into players we like and players we advise to avoid in Week 4.

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