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Soon Christmas will be upon us and presents will be under trees, the smell of cookies will fill kitchens, and teams will begin to clinch playoff spots in this NFL season.

With so many close division races it's going to be an exciting end to an unusual football season and we're for it. Lamar Jackson and Myles Garrett were just a few of the players that have been added to the Covid-19 Reserve list this past week. The Ravens had enough players added to it that their game with the Steelers was moved from prime time on Thanksgiving to Sunday.

Hopefully we won't continue to see this trend increasing as it puts the season in jeopardy, but for now here are FindBet's power rankings for Week 12 (updated to account for the two Thanksgiving Day games) based on what we've seen so far this year.

32. New York Jets (0-10, Last Week 32 +/- 0) - Now that Thanksgiving has passed, Jets fans are hoping for a Christmas miracle before the end of the year. No team wants to finish 0-16, but it looks like there's a real chance.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9, Last Week 31, +/- 0) - Nine straight losses and Mike Glennon is replacing Jake Luton at quarterback this weekend.

30. Detroit Lions (4-7, Last Week 20, - 10) - Detroit was picked apart by Deshaun Watson in the early Thanksgiving day game. Until the Lions' passing attack gets back on track they will have a hard time putting together wins.

29. Chicago Bears (5-5, Last Week 27, - 2)

28. Cincinnati Bengals (2-7-1, Last Week 21, - 7) - The loss of Joe Burrow for the rest of the season is a major blow. What's worse is that his status will be in question for the start of next season as well. Let's hope for a speedy recovery for the young QB.

27. Denver Broncos (4-6, Last Week 28, + 1)

26. Dallas Cowboys (3-8, Last Week 29, + 3) - It's time to stick a fork in the Cowboys season. Mathematically they're still in the hunt for the division, and thus the playoffs. But this team just looks like something is wrong and Ezekiel Elliott hasn't been a factor outside of a 100 yard rushing performance last week.

25. San Francisco 49ers (4-6, Last Week 22, - 3)

24. New York Giants (3-7, Last Week 26, + 2)

23. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6-1, Last Week 18, - 5) - Washington moving ahead of the Eagles in the division dropped Philly five spots this week.

22. Los Angeles Chargers (3-7, Last Week 25, + 3)

21. Atlanta Falcons (3-7, Last Week 17, - 4)

20. Carolina Panthers (4-7, Last Week 23, + 3) - Not having a healthy Christian McCaffrey this season has been disappointing not only for fantasy managers, but the Panthers probably feel like CMC's typical production could've helped them to another win or two improving their playoff chances.

19. Houston Texans (4-7, Last Week 24, + 5) - Finally we got to see Deshaun Watson put on the cape and put up a Superman kind of performance. Houston smashed the Lions on Thanksgiving behind four touchdown throws from their quarterback. If they can continue to get this level of play from Watson, maybe they're not done just yet.

18. New England Patriots (4-6, Last Week 24, + 5)

17. Washington Football Team (4-7, Last Week 30, + 13) - Washington picked up a convincing win on Thanksgiving against Dallas and has put themselves atop the NFC East.

16. Las Vegas Raiders (6-4, Last Week 11, - 5) - Even though the Raiders lost to the Chiefs last week, they kept it competitive and have played extremely well the past three weeks. Derek Carr has been very good this year and is developing a rapport with his deep threats in Nelson Agholor and Henry Ruggs.

15. Minnesota Vikings (4-6, Last Week 14, - 1)

14. Baltimore Ravens (6-4, Last Week 9, - 5) - Riding a two game losing streak the Ravens have allowed the Browns to jump ahead of them in the AFC North standings. Lamar Jackson was added to the Covid-19 Reserve list on Thanksgiving and will likely be unavailable for the rescheduled game with the Steelers on Sunday.

13. Miami Dolphins (6-4, Last Week 10, - 3)

12. Los Angeles Rams (7-3, Last Week 16, + 4) - The win over the Bucs on Monday Night Football is the Rams' best win of the season. It's moving them from the category off borderline playoff team into the realm of legitimate contenders.

11. Cleveland Browns (7-3, Last Week 15, + 4) - The Browns have moved into second place in the AFC North and continue to win by any means necessary. They boast one of the best one-two punches at running back now that Nick Chubb is back from injury to pair with Kareem Hunt. Myles Garrett was added to the Covid-19 Reserve list and his status is up in the air for now.

10. Tennessee Titans (7-3, Last Week 12, + 2)

9. Arizona Cardinals (6-4, Last Week 6, - 3)

8. Buffalo Bills (7-3, Last Week 7, - 1)

7. Indianapolis Colts (7-3, Last Week 13, + 6) - The Colts have scored over 30 in wins over the Packers and Titans the past two weeks. On the defensive side of the ball Indianapolis is one of the best in the league. Only the Ravens, Steelers, and Rams have allowed less points by opponents on the year.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4, Last Week 5, - 1) - The good news for the Buccaneers is that Antonio Brown looks to be settling into the offense quickly. The bad news for the Buccaneers is that Tom Brady has been extremely inconsistent throughout the 2020 campaign and last week was one of the down weeks.

5. Seattle Seahawks (7-3, Last Week 8, + 3) - Russell Wilson and the Seahawks got a much needed win against the Cardinals to at least put a hold on a bad stretch in the season for them. Once Chris Carson is able to return to the backfield, the added stability at the RB position should help get the offense back on track.

4. Green Bay Packers (7-3, Last Week 3, - 1)

3. New Orleans Saints (8-2, Last Week 4, + 1) - Taysom Hill filled in for Drew Brees nicely last week, and with the suspected injuries being confirmed earlier this week it looks like Hill will need to keep up the good run of play for a few weeks more.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (9-1, Last Week 2, +/- 0)

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0, Last Week 1, +/- 0) - The Steelers remain undefeated after an easy win over Jacksonville. Their Week 12 game with the Ravens was supposed to headline on Thanksgiving in prime time, but Covid cases have forced the game to be rescheduled to this weekend. Without Lamar Jackson, the Ravens could struggle even worse than they did in the two teams' first matchup in Week 7.

Josh Allen scampers for a gain against the Colts in the third quarter of the wild card game.

Harry Scull Jr. /Buffalo News

As the NFL postseason got underway last week, it became clear we need to make some halftime adjustments with our picks this week.

The Ravens were an easy cover for us, especially once Lamer found his groove and the grooves in Tennessee's D. Throw in a few head scratching punts by Mike Vrabel and that does the trick.

Meanwhile, Stefon Diggs came up two catches short for us with three targets left on the table. It was always going to be tough to get that many grabs, but it was worth a few bucks just to see what would happen.

Please, please, please remind me never to bet unders. I haven't hit one all year and yet the siren's song calls me to shore. I maintain this is the best one I bet all year. The pick 6 and DK Metcalf bomb in the second quarter killed after the best start imaginable. After 15 minutes, we had a combined score of 3, 15 minutes of game time later? 30. Bananas.

Then I don't really know what else to say about Pittsburgh losing to Baker Mayfield and co. that hasn't already been said. I just have to edit my list of completely impossible things to put, "Snowing in the Sahara desert," and "Taylor Swift ever getting back together with Jake Gyllenhaal" above "The Browns beating the Steelers in the playoffs."

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Wizards guard Bradley Beal looks on in a game against the Celtics on Jan. 8, 2021.

Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Put on your general manager hat for a moment and ask yourself this question: If my team struggled mightily the past couple seasons, is struggling now and will continue to struggle, would I trade my franchise star?

It's an extremely difficult decision to make, but it's something the Washington Wizards have to be pondering with shooting guard Bradley Beal.

Beal has been on an absolute rampage through 11 games, posting a league-high 34.9 points per game on 49% shooting and 38% from distance. He's also dishing out five assists and grabbing 5.3 rebounds with 1.5 steals. All that in 36 minutes a night, yet the Wizards are 3-8 which is the third-worst record in the Eastern Conference.

"I'm pissed off," Beal told reporters after his 60-point game on Jan. 6. "I'm mad. I don't count [them]. ... Any of my career-highs, they've been in losses. So I don't give a damn. You can throw it right out the window with the other two or three I've had."

His frustration is evident, and though he hasn't verbalized that he wants out of D.C., it's hard not to think that the idea hasn't crossed his mind at least once with how bad the Wizards have been recently.

From 2018-20, they went a combined 57-97 with John Wall sidelined after he tore his Achilles. Before this season began, the Wizards acquired Russell Westbrook in exchange for Wall and a pick, thinking they were getting an upgrade at point guard. Plot twist, they weren't.

Wall is healthy and playing good basketball in Houston while Westbrook is sitting back-to-backs and is currently nursing a quad injury. More importantly, he doesn't make them much better because of his lack of defense and is thus piling up meaningless triple-doubles that don't translate to team success.

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Each Friday, FindBet will preview the week's DFS slate, highlighting players that are priced well on DFS sites, as well as some contrarian plays that can push your team to the top of the leader board.

Most NFL DFS games have you putting a team together with players from a certain slate of games. It could be just Sunday 1:00 PM games, or it could be every game that is slated for the week. Once the last game that has eligible players is over, the final payouts are made according to how many fantasy points each team scored. Each player is worth a certain dollar amount, and you have a cap of $60,000 to build your team with. You have to have 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB, WR, or TE) and 1 DEF.

The general scoring rules include (6) points for each rushing and receiving touchdown, (4) points for each passing touchdown, (0.1) points for each rushing and receiving yard gained, (0.04) points for each passing yard, and also (0.5) points for each reception. There are other scoring opportunities for defenses. Let's take a look at players we like in the first round of the NFL playoffs this weekend.

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