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As a Dad, it's kind of magical that my kids remind me of me at their ages; that also means they're insane.

All quarantine they've been bouncing off the walls, and now that they need to focus for school, they spend the rest of their time vibrating at hyper speed, especially during football games. They like to watch and also run around in my old jerseys chasing the dog and shouting at the screen.

My wife knew I missed going to games with her or at least watching when we could give it all our attention, so she suggested making the game more fun withFanDuel.

I'd missed the Fantasy drafts, but they have Daily Fantasy Sports, so it didn't matter. They have an online version and an app that I heard was really easy to use, so I made an account with my name, email, card, and social (it stops coaches and players from betting).

Once I was in, it was pretty simple - instead of committing to a 4-month league, you switch up your teams on a weekly basis. For new users, they match your first deposit and there's a chance for a bonus of up to $500!

I snuck away for an hour during the week to do all my research (my wife also gets an hour to watch reality tv). You can lock in your lineup right up until the game.

NFL was the only thing on my mind, but they have pretty much every sport you can think of.

When it was gametime, I was pumped. I even told my kids that I was doing fantasy and my son, Michael told me why he didn't like my lineup and why. I was kind of proud.

I tried to switch channels during the game commercials, but it was too chaotic. I followed along with the app on my phone to see how I was doing.

For my first time? Not bad!

I made sure my coworkers knew about it because they're all competitive people.

I cannot wait until next week. FanDuel let me cash out immediately, and offers plenty of bonus offers that make it fun every week.

Even when I can go to games again or at least watch one without anybody running headfirst into the coffee table, I'll be playing fantasy with FanDuel.

*21+ and present in NJ, PA, IN, or WV. Gambling Problem? Call-1800-GAMBLER or in WV visit

I've been to at least 30 NFL games. When my wife and I had our second child, I still tried to convince her to name the kid after Tom Brady. Now that we have two, I don't go to games anymore, but I still follow football obsessively. I obsess over College Football as well, even though my college years are looong behind me. I was super bummed when all that went out the window this year.

Usually, it's my favorite time of year. One year, I had a nearly Fantasy Record - I was a legend among my friends. My wife and I were talking about all of the live sports that are starting to come back, and she said, "if only you could actually make money off your amazing skills" and I know she was making fun of me, but I wondered if I could.

I'd heard about FanDuel, a sports betting platform, so I thought I'd give it a shot. They have 2 apps - a fantasy league and the FanDuel Sportsbookfeature for legit betting. I thought I'd try Sportsbook - your first bet is risk-free, so even if you lose, you can get up to 1000, good as cash.

I signed up with my email, credit card, and SS# - the social blocks actual pro players, coaches, and referees from betting. Even though I'd never bet before, FanDuelmade it easy.

They list all the sports on the left, and you can make different kinds of bets, like standards, teasers, and round robins - I didn't know what those were before I started, but after reading their betting guide, I knew what I was doing

The first game I'd placed money on felt completely different than any other game I'd watched - man I missed live sports, and having some money on it made it even more exciting.

Dripping in sweat, I watched the Liverpool WIN. WHICH MEANT I WON. I became a legend that day. I paraded around like a peacock in front of my wife. She asked when I'd be getting my pennies, and when I showed her my actual winnings, her jaw dropped.

The app makes it all super easy - it looks more like a game than a complicated gambling site. It's free to sign up, and you can play as much as you want whenever you want, so once, for fun, I put money on a UFC fight - every day there are Daily Odds Boosts, which are bets with a higher chance of winning. It was really fun and my friends are getting in on the action, too.

I've always been a sports fanatic, but betting with FanDuel Sportsbook has taken my love for it to another level.

21+ and present in NJ, PA, IN, or WV. Gambling Problem? Call-1800-GAMBLER or in WV visit


Each week, we dive into the stats from each NFL game and examine player performances that were noteworthy from a fantasy perspective.

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